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Order Wholesale Pine Cones

Send us a message for bulk and wholesale pricing for large pine cone orders and a member of our team will be in contact with you soon.

Pine Cones Direct already offers some options for ordering bulk pine cones online through our website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the scent last?

Typically the scent will be the most potent during the first two weeks of receiving your order. However, the scent can last for months depending on the envoirment. Fanning pine cones will help to distribute the smell in later months.

Can you use scented pine cones as fire starters?

Yes! Pine cones make for excellent fire starters.

Can you use scented pine cones for decorative wreaths?

Yes! Any of our cones, scented or not, will work great for wreaths and other decoritave projects.

Are pine cones recyclable?
Pine cones can be discarded in the trash, placed in any debris disposal or safely burned.


Pine cones are all natural but can not be placed in a recycle bin.
Is the scent toxic?

Scent used on the pine cones is FCC food grade ingredients and is non-toxic.

Do you sell your product year round?
Operations start April 1 and end December 1.


Contact us for off-season availibility.
Can I get a discount for bulk order?


Any orders over 10 full cases is elligible for discount.


Please contact us for information and rates.
Can I have my packages delivered with signature upon arrival?
Yes! Please add in the notes of your order to add signature option at no charge.


*All packages will be shipped without signature required if not requested.


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